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Personalized Service to Maximize Return
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Our Business Philosophy

At Dakota Property Management, clients come first!

DPM understands the importance of customer service, attention to detail, and the ability to execute and follow through with the client's property management needs on a daily basis.

Being responsive and proactive to the ever-changing real estate marketplace keys DPM' s ability to attract and retain long-term clients.

Steered by Crystal, DPM builds its business by helping clients build their real estate assets. DPM earns future referrals by acting in the best interests of its clients today.

Our Focus

Dakota Property Management (DPM) was founded on over 35 years' experience in property management, leasing, construction management and asset disposition throughout metropolitan Phoenix.

DPM owner and CEO, Crystal L. Melby offers unparalleled personalized service, overseeing all functions of property management with hands-on care. Crystal is a native of North Dakota and brings superior work ethic and steadfast honesty to DPM and all communication between tenants and owners runs through Crystal directly. At DPM, there are no middle men.

DPM's portfolio consists primarily of retail and office centers ranging from 5,000 square feet to 140,000 square feet and HOAs. Commercial real estate investors, institutional investors and entrepreneurs come to DPM in search of the same thing: personalized service resulting in maximum return·on investment. DPM is ready to design a package and agreement to fill your individual needs.

DPM's mission is to be the leading provider of property management services, putting a premium on supplying a well-trained, customer-service oriented staff. DPM exceeds client expectations by offering a full menu of services, including:

  • Owner Relations
  • Accounting
  • Tenant Relations
  • Maintenance / Operations (Costs)
  • Lease Administration
    If you are interested in talking to us please call Crystal at 480.338.3780
Our Leadership

Chief Executive Officer, Crystal L. Melby began her property management career in metropolitan Phoenix in 1984. Crystal has built a reputation with her clients and the community for providing superior property management services.

Crystal attributes a large part of Dakota Property Management's culture of success to the small town values and Midwestern work ethic gleaned from her upbringing in North Dakota.

Our Strategy

Dakota Property Management uses a time-tested strategy with all of its clients:

  1. Meet with the client to determine goals and objectives for the property. For instance, is the asset a long-term hold, or is it being positioned for a near-term sale?
  2. Inspect the property from top to bottom and prepare an initial written report. Thereafter, property inspections are done on a regular basis.
  3. Interview current tenants to determine any concerns from their perspective and report the findings.
  4. Review current property-related contracts and lease agreements.
  5. Make a preliminary assessment of maintenance needs. List cost saving solutions DPM can offer by utilizing our internal maintenance team to provide solutions at the lowest cost to the client.
  6. The broker assigned to the property will then submit a leasing marketing plan to the client. DPM offers its full support and cooperation to outside brokers.
  7. Meet with the client to present findings and cost-saving solutions regarding any impending maintenance needs and discuss a maintenance and implementation cost plan. DPM will recommend a specific strategy.
  8. DPM and the client will agree on operating and marketing plans for the property or collaborate with an external broker.
  9. DPM will implement the operating and marketing plans with the priorities and costs approved by the client.
  10. Progress reports will be disseminated at intervals agreed upon between DPM and the client.


Understanding Financial Performance

Dakota Property Management understands the importance of detailed financial management in positioning assets for maximum return. Therefore, DPM doesn't just manage and report financial data, rather, the Property Manager and Account Portfolio Specialist take a personal interest and accountability in keeping month-to-month operating expense at a minimum. DPM can design a package and agreement to fill all your needs.

Scope of Services

Dakota Property Management deposits all client funds in a federally insured trust account. These are funds used to pay the expenses related to the property such as maintenance, utilities, mortgages, contract commitments and management fees.

DPM uses the most current Windows version of Yardi™ property management software. Yardi™ is a specialized financial software designed specifically for property management. DPM creates categorized income and expense accounts specific to our clients' needs. Gross revenues and expenses can be posted to these accounts to create a detailed and accurate financial statement.

YardiTM tracks each client's transaction history and provides a ledger detailing charges, payments, delinquencies and NSF checks. Yardi™ also includes a sophisticated maintenance module designed to track all maintenance expenses. DPM's financial deliverables include:

  • Monthly financial package consisting of cash flow, income statement, balance sheet, budget to actual comparison with month and year to date, general ledger, income and expense registers, account receivable summary, rent toll, annual operating budget and bank reconciliation.
  • Annual CAM reconciliation, budgets with month and year to date actual income/expense comparison.
  • Annual reviews of third party service contracts such as janitorial, landscaping, etc.
  • Provide payroll services.
  • Dakota Property Management will prepare and furnish the client's personal accountant all information pertaining to the property(s).